Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Nonet Attempt #1

 Love to Love Love

 Admittedly this is my first attempt at a Nonet. The rules for a Nonet is simple; the first line must have nine syllables and the last, one. Each line should have one less syllable than the other, and of course it should make sense. I'm pretty sure I've gotten the number of syllables in each line right. I would be completely sure that I did except I'm paranoid about mistakes. So feel free to check and comment, though really I'd much prefer it if you simply enjoyed it.

Love is the most wonderful feeling
Such happiness it brings to all
Sadness shall never be felt
As long as you are loved
And yourself do love
Love Happiness
Hate sadness
Then love

William Orrell


  1. And enjoy it I am... I am so pleased you decided to try a different style. The more you try different poetry styles and rhythms, the more your prose style will bristle with energy. Proud of you. ("love" should be one of your labels in your post)
    Now some other details - Your date is invisible or faded on your post. (It should be appearing above the post title). Also, your links/labels at the base of your post are a grey tone, too poor to read effectively. Go into your template, click on the advanced tag and you will be able to change any colours or fonts. (Changes can be viewed in the lower part of your screen before making a final decision). Don't forget to save before returning to your blog main page.

  2. Just noted that my name here (Gemma Wiseman) does not appear next to my thumbnail image. That is because the writing is black on black. You need to adjust this. Then your name will appear automatically at the bottom of each post too.