Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Nonet Attempt #1

 Love to Love Love

 Admittedly this is my first attempt at a Nonet. The rules for a Nonet is simple; the first line must have nine syllables and the last, one. Each line should have one less syllable than the other, and of course it should make sense. I'm pretty sure I've gotten the number of syllables in each line right. I would be completely sure that I did except I'm paranoid about mistakes. So feel free to check and comment, though really I'd much prefer it if you simply enjoyed it.

Love is the most wonderful feeling
Such happiness it brings to all
Sadness shall never be felt
As long as you are loved
And yourself do love
Love Happiness
Hate sadness
Then love

William Orrell

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The Power of Words

I've always had a passion for writing; it fascinated me. This was caused by the thrilling idea of the immense power of words. The ability to inspire, or to strike fear into the hearts of any person. The way books can take you into another world, where you can get lost and never want to leave. To seemingly have a readers emotions under your control. Making them laugh with a sentence; fume with a paragraph; weep with a word.

Of course I stumbled upon this power by being read to as a young child. My mother would read books to me and I would never want her to stop. Eventually she stopped reading picture books to me and started to read me Harry Potter. It was then that I realized the true power of the written word; I realized the control over us writers have. I was instantly fell in love with reading, I read constantly, books far above my age level were the best for me. while my friends played video games or watched TV, I was always glasses on, nose in a book, reading. For me reading became life and when ever I was annoyed or there was problems in my life, I ran away to reading. No matter how I felt reading would make it better, I forgot my problems and fully immersed myself in a world far different from the dull existence I knew.

The next step from there was obviously writing. I had an extensive vocabulary for my age, so really the only thing I needed to do was to put the words together. However it was not quite that simple I had trouble with sentence length. Not getting them long enough but as you could imagine, they were too long. So I did a few lessons to catch up with everyone else on something as simple as sentence length. Thankfully I'm past that now and love to write all forms of literature.

Though novels is not something I write often people have suggested I become an author. This is simply because of what they call my "way with words". Apparently I have the ability to induce very strong emotions and/or high levels of them. As I write you will just have to wait and see for yourself when I late release some of my writings and manuscripts. I would not expect too extreme reaction though i have been known to make people cry. But I guess we will see as time moves on, and as I continue to write.

William Orrell